Reinventing a 100-year old brand

During the 90's, United Engineers (UE), one of Asia's oldest and largest engineering group, went into an overdrive and over-expanded its operations. The brand started to lose its focus which in turn diluted its "premier" engineering heritage and brand equity. As part of its centennial celebrations, Lexis was commissioned to revisit the entire brand strategy, positioning and overall brand roadmap. We  restructured the group from 6 to 3 core divisions, reposition the group into a powerfully integrated brand offer of “Design, Build and Manage” (or Engineering, Construction and Integrated Facilities Management). This led to a clear brand voice for UE via a seamless business flow. A new brand architecture was defined with a new visual identity system to refocus UE back as Asia's leading and premier engineering group. Besides being responsible for many of the oldest landmarks such as old Parliament House, UE continues to make its mark with the iconic Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay and Biolpolis.